Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture

  • A chef and a doctor with a young son and an active, outdoor lifestyle wanted a green, healthy, modern house designed around their diverse needs. Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture created a comfortable “Base Camp” where they could rest and rejuvenate between adventures. This energy efficient, green home began with super-insulated walls. We filled it with natural light and finished it with durable, non-toxic green materials. Then we topped off with a large photovoltaic solar array and solar hot water system.

    “E2 Solar has had the pleasure to work with Cheryl and her clients a number of times over the past 8 years. I’m consistently impressed with her ability to design warm, embracing homes that are healthy, energy efficient, and truly embody sustainability. I appreciate her attention to detail and the great relationships she forges on every project.” – Mike Hewitt, Owner of E2 Solar

    Simple, clean forms are accented with modern details, including contemporary cabinets and lighting, recessed metal door trim, and metal cable stair rail. Tactile textures, wall tones borrowed from nature, and honey-toned hickory floors add warmth to this sleek modern house design.

    For the chef, we cooked up a spectacular, custom kitchen with a walk-in pantry. For the physician, we prescribed a home office and reading sanctuary. For the growing young boy, we created separate spaces for playing music, playing with friends, and completing homework under supervision.

    After their adventures, this family stores their staggering array of sports equipment in specialized cubbies before relaxing together in the comfortable family room, or on the inviting Southern patio.

    This low-maintenance, high-functioning, modern green home refreshes and invigorates the family as they prepare for their next adventure.

  • Sustainability Features

    Energy Efficiency:
    Main rooms are located on south side
    Roof overhangs and awning are perfectly sized to aid in natural heating and cooling
    Insulated interior blinds help retain heat in the winter
    Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls
    Minimal air infiltration
    High performance Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified wood windows and exterior doors
    No skylights
    Very energy efficient gas furnace and forced air heating system
    Heating system located inside the insulated envelope
    Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) provides fresh air
    3.57KW photovoltaic system
    Solar thermal system
    Instanteous hot water heater
    Natural cooling (using high mass walls & operable windows)
    Excellent natural ventilation
    Excellent naturally lighting
    Energy efficient lighting
    Energy Star rated appliances

    Minimal use of wool carpeting
    Garage ventilation fan directs CO2 outside
    Low and no VOC paints with non-toxic pigments
    No added urea-formaldehyde cabinet boxes and interior doors
    In-wall vacuum system

    No trees were removed
    Most of the lot is planted with xeriscape, native, desert plantings
    Driveway and walks made from permeable pavers with extensive gravel drainage system below
    Gutters direct roof water to drywells which water plantings (all runoff is handled on site)

    Natural clay plastered walls
    Recycled content metal roofing
    Cork flooring
    Many long lasting, zero maintenance products

    Water efficient appliances
    Low-flow plumbing fixtures
    Circulating hot water system

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