Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture

  • Living in an Eichler home in San Francisco, and anticipating the birth of their second child, this couple was motivated to build a healthy home in the country where they could raise a family in year-round comfort. They chose a sunny, pastoral lot perfectly suited for passive solar design. And they chose Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture, because of a shared passion for sustainable, modern home design.

    We laid out the home to capture and conserve solar energy, and to keep fresh air moving. The main rooms are placed on the south side, with windows artfully arranged to capture passive solar energy, natural light and fresh air throughout the day. Right-sized awnings manage the solar gain. And, by separating the garage from the house, exhaust fumes are kept at bay.

    When the time came to choose building materials, we specified Durisol Blocks, breathable stucco, and non-toxic interior finishes. Besides being non-toxic and breathable, Durisol Blocks serve as a heat sink, an integral element of passive solar design.

    Maximizing solar energy was only the beginning. We capitalized on the surrounding views by framing a nearby mountain in one window and a peaceful prairie in another. To promote happy co-existence among children and grown-ups, we created a centralized great room, which  separates spaces for work and play.

    We gave this rural modern home a bucolic feel by including cantilevered rusted metal awnings, rain barrels, rustic metal doors, barn door hardware, and cable rail. Whether relaxing, working, or tending their horses, this family is happy and healthy in their playful modern home design.

  • Sustainable Features

    Energy Efficiency:
    Passive solar design: solar room layout; right sized & right placed high SHGC windows, awnings and mass
    Durisol block walls
    Super insulated roof
    High performance, fiberglass windows
    No AC
    In-floor radiant heat
    Heating system is non-ducted and located inside the insulated envelope
    Solar thermal system
    PV ready
    Instantaneous hot water heater
    Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) used for fresh air exchange
    Natural cooling using high mass walls and operable windows
    Excellent naturally lighting
    Excellent natural ventilation
    Energy Star rated appliances
    Energy efficient lighting
    Very low air infiltration
    No skylights
    Reduced phantom loads

    Durisol: non-toxic, no VOCs, breathable, hygroscopic and resistant to mold
    Formaldehyde-free insulation
    Breathable stucco
    No carpet
    Garage is separated from the main house
    Low and no VOC paints with non-toxic pigments
    Non-toxic finishes used on concrete floors and plaster walls
    Cabinet boxes are constructed with Columbia Forest Product’s “Purebond” (no added urea-formaldehyde)
    Interior doors are constructed with no added urea-formaldehyde

    No trees were removed
    Permeable paving

    Durisol: made from 100% natural materials (80% recycled)
    Forests Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood framing
    Cabinet made from FSC certified maple
    Cabinet boxes are constructed with no added urea-formaldehyde
    Bonded Logic, recycled jeans insulation
    Recycled content roof rafters, beams, and metal roofing
    Natural plaster and stucco, made with recycled content
    Many sub-materials are used as finish products, eliminating a second finish product
    Many long lasting, zero maintenance products

    Water efficient appliances
    Low-flow plumbing fixtures
    Circulating hot water system
    Water from roof is captured and directed towards landscaping

a mind for building, an eye for beauty

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