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  • This nature-loving, independent retiree wanted a well-lit, energy-efficient, modern home designed for aging gracefully. We tucked her large agenda into a small home with an even smaller ecological footprint.

    “Working with Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture and JB Davis Construction was an excellent, well coordinated experience. Cheryl took the time to learn about how I live, what’s important to me and how I want my house to feel. Her meticulous planning and skillful design created a modern home designed to be comfortable, functional and elegant. The finished home exceeds my imaginings and is an inspiring place to live!”

    After working closely with the homeowner to select a sunny lot, we created a home that is extremely energy efficient and much more. An over-sized sliding glass door, expertly arranged windows, and lowered interior walls allow natural light to bathe the interior spaces. Large, south-facing windows and doors frame a stunning sky view, provide abundant wintertime warmth and connect the home’s interior to the beautiful desert landscaping.

    Corrugated metal was the client’s ideal choice of low-maintenance, modern siding. Being prohibited by the neighborhood’s design codes, we got creative. Working closely with River Roofing, we designed a custom rusted metal “board and batt” siding and standing seam roof that met everyone’s goals.

    The combination of expert siting, thoughtful window placement, and a solar-powered, right-sized HVAC system keep this home cozy year round. The private garden patio is protected by awnings that are perfectly-sized to shield the hot summertime sun, but let the winter sun reach deep inside the home.

    This uber-energy efficient home earned the elite status and highest ratings of Oregon High Performance Home and Earth Advantage Platinum. Energy efficiency combined with Rusty’s modern appeal captured Bend’s Solar+Green Tour’s People’s Choice Award. Simple, appealing forms and clean, precise details results in a striking modern home designed to catch and delight the eye.

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  • Sustainability Features

    Energy Efficiency:
    Main rooms are located on south side
    75% of the glass face south to maximize solar gain in the winter
    Roof overhangs and awning are perfectly sized to aid in natural heating and cooling
    Sealed holes and gaps in framing and tight fitting insulation result in minimal air infiltration
    Double, staggered stud, advance framed walls and deep roof framing (with above code insulation)
    Window area is very limited & windows strategically placed
    High performance Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified wood windows and exterior doors
    Insulated interior blinds help retain heat in the winter
    No skylights
    In-floor radiant heat with 95% efficient gas boiler
    Heating system is non-ducted and located inside the insulated envelope
    No AC
    Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) provides fresh air
    Very high (94%) efficient, tankless, instant hot water heater
    Insulated hot water pipes
    3.33 KW photovoltaic system
    Roof will accommodate a solar hot water system and an expansion to the PV system
    Excellent naturally ventilation and cooling
    Excellent natural lighting
    Energy Star rated appliances
    Energy efficient lighting (75% contain Energy Star bulbs)

    No carpet
    Green Guard Certified, formaldehyde-free insulation
    All cabinets and trim boards are finished with Low-VOC hard wax
    Gas fire place, boiler and water heater are sealed combustion and direct vented to the exterior
    Garage ventilation fan directs CO2 outside
    Low VOC sealers, caulks, primers, paints and sealers
    No added urea-formaldehyde cabinet boxes, underlayment and interior trim
    Combustion air zone safety test
    3rd party framing lumber moisture test
    Hardwired CO monitor

    Small home, requiring less materials
    Multiple durability materials & measures
    Locally sourced materials include: Madrone flooring & countertops, framing and, retaining walls
    Natural clay plaster walls
    FSC wood used (as available)
    Engineered wood used in beams, roof and floor joists
    Recycled content insulation, metal roofing, and metal siding
    Concrete with fly ash
    Recycling center in the Kitchen and Garage
    Recycled jobsite waste
    Many long lasting, zero maintenance materials

    Low-flow plumbing fixtures
    Hot water heater has a timer controlled internal re-circulation pump and buffer tank
    All hot water pipes are insulated
    Whole house pressure regulating valve
    Permeable paths
    Storm water is controlled and reused (all runoff is handled on site)
    Ecology based native plant design and xeriscape principles combined
    Underground, low-volume, hydro-zone irrigation system with water saving control

    Within ½ mile of public transportation and household services
    Solar site: property’s south side will never be shading by neighboring houses
    Designed for erosion control
    Site dig out material saved and used for landscaping
    Organic matter added to top 6″ of soil
    Soil is top-dressed with a highly composted wood mulch

    Green Certification Program:
    Earth Advantage, Platinum
    Oregon High Performance Home (30% more energy efficient than code)

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