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Rusty thumbnail picture of south elevation

“Working with Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture and JB Davis Construction was an excellent, well coordinated experience. Cheryl took the time to learn about how I live, what’s important to me and how I want my house to feel. Her meticulous planning and skillful design created a modern home designed to be comfortable, functional and elegant. The finished home exceeds my imaginings and is an inspiring place to live!”

– Owner of Rusty


“Since we’d never built a house before, we weren’t sure what to expect. Cheryl made the process easy, leading us step by step. She took the time to figure out exactly what we wanted and included all of our key objectives. We appreciate the “out of the box” ideas she dreamed up, that we never would have thought of ourselves. We are having fun building our home, love the way it looks and are still happily married!

– Owners of “Oasis” (coming soon)


Criss Cross thumbnail picture of the southwest exterior elevation with large south facing windows, protective awnings, large decks & criss crossed roofs“We initially planned to hire a Portland architect, but after talking with a local solar energy contractor and meeting with Cheryl, the choice to work with Cheryl was an easy one. Her interests in active & passive solar and using natural & reclaimed building materials aligned with ours. We wanted to be involved in the design of our home and Cheryl definitely encourages client interaction. The design process was a complete joy; it proceeded without delays. She helped us chose a contractor and continued to work with him during construction. Cheryl and our contractor gave us a wonderful home and a very pleasant experience.”                                                                                                                             – Owners of Criss Cross


“Cheryl was a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail made our long-distance relationship – not to mention the construction of our project – go very smoothly.”

– Harriet and Dan Alexander, Clients

Twisted thumbnail picture of the northeast exterior elevation with stucco; red corrugated siding at pop outs, popped up roof & syncopated windows
“Cheryl’s enthusiasm was evident during the entire design process. Her knowledge of energy efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives was invaluable. Cheryl was able to listen to all of our ideas and think outside the box to create a very unique home that is proving to be everything we hoped it would be.”

– Brad & Annette Adkins, Owners of Twisted


“I have built two houses that Cheryl designed, and she was great to work with. She stayed involved during construction and was always available to answer questions. Furthermore, her environmental consciousness and knowledge of sustainable building techniques offer added benefits that most other building designers do not incorporate. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone starting a project.”

– Doug Young, Owner of Young Construction Company


Base Camp thumbnail picture of the southeast exterior elevation with modern finishes & native landscaping
“E2 Solar has had the pleasure to work with Cheryl and her clients a number of times over the past 8 years. I’m consistently impressed with her ability to design warm, embracing homes that are healthy, energy efficient, and truly embody sustainability. I appreciate her attention to detail and the great relationships she forges on every project.”

– Mike Hewitt, Owner of E2 Solar


“We wanted a design that combined energy and resource efficiency with aesthetics. Cheryl made it happen. We were very impressed with how she was able to translate our ideas into a design that really worked for us.”

– Tom and Karen Wykes, Clients


“I hired Cheryl to work with me on two building projects. Her knowledge of the building and planning process, as well as her creative solutions, allowed me to relax and enjoy the design and remodeling process.”

– Jared Anderson, Client

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